I'm Sara Gummy in the creative world, but my real name is Sara Gonzalez. I'm an kawaii illustrator, graphic designer and motion grapher from Casabermeja, Spain. 
Currently, I have been working in Domestika team since 2019, doing Graphic Design and Motion Graphics, as needed. In addition to my personal projects or freelance projects.
I studied illustration during my upper grade level in an art school San Telmo, Malaga. Upon finishing my studies in this school, I studied for a Master’s in Graphic Design and Prepress, and other Master’s in Motion Graphics in the School of Design Gauss Multimedia en Malaga. Furthermore, I expanded my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and received the official certificate of Adobe Creative Cloud.
The kawaii is my biggest ally, I always loved this trend and little by little it has become my biggest influence. In Spanish it means cute, pretty, adorable, or even cute. For thousands of people who follow this trend, they describe it as the embodiment of positivity.