They raise donations to help the refugee camps around Europe.
Organized by Creativos en Acción
Illustration: Mermaid
Spain / 2018
1.000 Artists, 300 Gigs, 60 Countries, 1 Day. In support of the world's refugees.
Organized by Sofar Sounds & Amnesty International
Design & Illustration: Poster of music festival
Nuremberg, Germany / 2017
In the Name of the Moon: Sailor Moon
Illustration: Chibiusa with pegasus in the world of dreams
Organized by Colectivo Flamour & Comic Store 
Málaga, Spain / 2018​​​​​​​
Music Pill Cycle: Lana del Rey vs. Ryan Adams​​​​​​​
Illustration: Lana del Rey
Organized by Agencia Demasié 
Madrid, Spain / 2018
'She is Music Pill', cycle tribute to women in music
Illustration: Janis Joplin
Organized by Agencia Demasié 
Madrid, Spain / 2018
David Bowie Music Pill: 40th anniversary of the release of album 'Héroes'
Illustration: Starman
Organized by Agencia Demasié 
Madrid, Spain / 2017
Cabra de lado: Unicorns
Illustration: Unicorn Under The Sea
Organized by VPF
Málaga, Spain / 2017
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